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Tour of Los Altos High School
September 24, 2010

Students from the Associated Student Body class served us as guides for the new and improved Los Altos High School.   It's amazing what has been added since the Class of 1960 thronged these halls.   Not only are there new buildings, but also new programs and resources.

The campus has the same amount of land as when we were there. 

The school has been "enlarged" by better use of the land.  Two-story buildings and more tennis courts have been added, and the Quad was enlarged. 

See a google map of the school's land.

For a labeled drawing of the school, see
the online Campus Map.

A few more buildings will be built to accommodate a projected population bump in the next few years.  There will soon be as many students at LAHS as there were in 1960.
John Tyndall, Tom Evans
Larry Berger, Judie Gollagher, Paul MacWilliamson, Lynne Pfeiffer, Char Schill
Kris Isaacson, Tom Howser, Sharon Eagan, Susan Wetzel

The Quad is much larger now.  ---------------------------->>>>>

Two partial rows of old classroom buildings were removed and the circular drive with parking was removed. 

New buildings were built along the street and benches, landscaping, and tables were added to the new Quad. 

To see the buildings, click on the
online CAMPUS MAP.   Also note the new theater, cafeteria, and library.

Gathering for the Tour.  New buildings in the background.

Students changing classes. Some things don't change.

Other things DO change.  Only freshmen and sophomores are issued lockers.  There are no school buses -- instead there are public transportation vouchers.  The student parking lot shows spaces for car pools only -- perhaps these are for students living in the hills?  The cafeteria is new but smaller, since many students leave the (now open) campus for lunch.

The new Library.  Included are many resources for students to get extra or specialized help.

Art classroom in one of the new two-story buildings.

Gathering for the Tour.  Old buildings in background.

The new Eagle Theater.

This is a community resource as well as an excellent learning opportunity for drama and lighting/sound students. 

See all that is offered under the Performing Arts pages on the LAHS website. 

Art Exhibit in lobby of Library.

One of the new two-story buildings.

Students in the Quad
Looking back toward the administration buildings and the Library on the right..

Tour guides from the Associated Student Body class.
The ASB class trains leaders, provides student tutors as needed, and is a resource for preparation for college entry. 

The ASB class, perhaps wondering why the old people are so interested in them.

Paul MacWilliamson and Larry Berger examine memorabilia in the case honoring Tom Burt and Leo Long.

Robin Ruble's track record was commemorated on one of the plaques. 

The Pool

Boys' Swimming Records -- 1957-1960
The glory years of the SCVAL

The big Gym looks much the same, but with more graphics and award signs around the top. 

John Oldemeyer's 1960 Award for Tennis is the first on the plaque of tennis awards.

The Pool

Boys'  Water Polo Records 1957-1960
The glory years of the SCVAL.

Do you think they still hold dances in the gym?  We forgot to ask.  However, we were told there are still lots of dances.
Looking across the playing fields toward the tennis courts.  There are more tennis courts now.

The track & field are now made of a bouncy "turf" material instead of the cinders & grass we knew.  It's softer to fall on, but it's hotter from the sun.  Also if you bleed or vomit on the field it's a more difficult clean up!

Student parking lot with new sign. 
Lynne's daughter (LAHS1988) and granddaughter also came to the tour.

Mr. Greg Ely teaches the LAHS Auto Tech classes. Students from other high schools also attend.

Note the "Los Altos High Auto Tech" lettering on the student's race car.  Students participate in auto races as well as learning how to service cars. 

Outside the shop is a parking lot filled with cars, some owned by the school, some by students.  Everyone seemed very enthusiastic!

The Culinary Arts classroom.  This is not like our old "home ed" classes! 

The students in Culinary Arts learn to cater events, and inceed DO cater events in the community.

A menu for a class project.