Los Altos High School 50th Reunion

Places and Hangouts
Oh, the places we went, the people we saw -- enshrined in our memories
Please send your own photos of these places -- or your memories, or history you find about these places.  We'll put them online here.


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Santa Cruz Boardwalk

There are still four Kirk's in the area -- don't miss going to one at the Reunion time to enjoy one of those delicious steakburgers.  The original Kirk's, alas, is gone.

Clint's Ice Cream
You could even watch them make the ice cream!  It was there in 1951 when I moved to Los Altos.  At some point (after I moved away) it became a French Restaurant, and the cone was painted to resemple a little French baker.  It was a small hardware store in the 1980's when I moved back to Los Altos.  Now what is it?  

Downtown Los Altos in 1951, with the very "modern" Art Deco movie theatre and cars from the 1940's.  By 1957 most of the cars parked there had big fins.  The theatre closed in 1976.
Rudolfo's Ristorante

In 1956, brothers Harry, Rudy, George and Art Alfinito opened the beloved Rudolpho’s at the corner of  Los Robles Avenue and El Camino.  The brothers would spend more than three decades serving cannelloni to Jimmy Durante and other not-so-famous clientele at their distinctive red checkered tables.

Controversially, the restaurant was closed and later bulldozed in 1993 to make way for apartments when the City Council changed the zoning status of the block --- an action that brought angry protests from spaghetti fans all over Barron Park.