LAHS Class of 1960

Reunion Picnic at Shoup Park
September 26, 2010
While the Los Altos Band played on Sunday afternoon, we held our Reunion Picnic on the other side of beautiful Shoup Park.  Of course, they were playing just for us!  Or so we thought until we walked around the Garden House to see the large crowd gathered there.  Shoup Park was well remembered by all of us -- our local city park.  The crowd was smaller than at the party the night before, but we could actually hear each other talk!

Char Schill, John Reikes, Diane Edlund, Lynne Pfeiffer

The Los Altos Band played on the other side of the Garden House during our Reunion Picnic.

Shoup Park is a lovely place for all sorts of activities.

Linda Halliday gets some cake.

Jerry Bowden, Kay Bowden, Diane Salassi, Sue Grimes

Alice Nourse

Susan Porter, Gail Frost, ,
Carolyn Tucker, Carol Schmidt

Janet Faranda