LAHS 1960


Fight Knights, fight Knights – on to victory
Lift your banners above the fray for all good men to see
Shoulder to shoulder, comrades brave and true
Show the spirit that can’t be beat
Woe unto the foe we meet
Hail to the gold and blue!

Go Knights, go Knights, Go Knights, Go!

Fight Knights, fight Knights, we shall never yield
Stand together against the foe and push him down the field
Rivals advance and meet your waterloo
Try your metal against our shield
You shall taste of the blade we wield
All for the Gold and Blue!

Go Knights, go Knights, Go Knights, Go!

                                                  --- Rex Baker


Where the blue Pacific meets the western sky
Where the great sequoia lifts her branches high
This is our alma mater, long may our thoughts be true
Hail, hail Los Altos, hail the Gold and Blue.

Nature wrought our colors from her magic stores
When the evening sunset kissed the ocean shores
This is our alma mater, we are the favored few
Hail, hail Los Altos, hail the Gold and Blue.

                                                   --- Rex Baker

Rex Baker:  AB San Francisco State, MA Mills College

Rex Baker was honored by this special dedication in the 1959 Excalibur.

Many were the grateful music students who enjoyed his encouragement and teaching.

He wrote the LAHS Fight Song and the LAHS Alma Mater.

The 1959 Excalibur honored Mr. Baker with this Special Dedication.
After 50 years, we had forgotten some of the words of the Fight Song.  A prize was offered to anyone who could fill in the lines we supplied in the Bio Book. No one stepped forward.  A few days later, Carolyn Tucker found the words on a faded mineographed slip of paper in Carol Schmidt's high school scrapbook.  Yay!  To Carol and Carolyn go the prize.