LAHS 1960

Bio Book
Deadline is August 27, 2010

If you attend the reunion, you will receive a Bio Book (FREE) at the event.

If you can't come to the reunion, you may still purchase a Bio Book from Great Reunions.  The Bio Book is $21.95 if you live in California or $20 if you live out of state.  There is no cost for shipping.  (Why is this?  California has a large sales tax.  Everyone else is forgiven the tax.)  Also, if you somehow lose your Bio Book, you may purchase a replacement from Great Reunions for $10.98 if you live in California or $10 if you live out of state.

Even if you don't want the Bio Book, your friends may want to find you for other communications -- so PLEASE add your information to the Bio Book.  You can do it online, or with a paper form.  Print out the form, fill it out, and mail it in.

To add your information, you need to register on the Great Reunions website, fill out the bio page and (if you want) add a photo.

You can also do it by printing out a paper form and mailing it:   Registration FormBio Book Form

You don't have to submit your "life story", but you do have to register with Great Reunions to be in the Bio Book.  If you do not want your address or information there, it will NOT be there. 

To clarify or correct this, contact Great Reunions at

Be assured that the information is only for classmates and you will not have to give phone number or address if you don't want to.  There is a line for your email addess.  If you don't have an email address, we suggest that you put your phone number or address on that line.

  • Locate a photo of yourself on your computer to be included in the Bio Book.  This will be done last, but it's good to have it picked out first.  If you cannot send your photo this way, contact us to find out how to submit it in another way. 
  • From the main page, click on "Find Your Reunion."  
  • Choose "California". 
  • This takes you to the Upcoming Reunions page. 
  • Choose "Los Altos 60 (Los Altos)", which will take you to another page.  
  • Click "Bio Sheet". 
  • Fill out the form, beginning with Select Your Reunion. 
  • Upload your photo (or let us know you could not do it this way).
  •  Preview your Bio-Sheet. 
  • Submit.
  • If you have problems, call Customer Service at Great Reunions at (800) 655-7971
What if I want to publish ALL my information so I can be easily found???

Classmates can opt in to have their address, phone number, email, etc published in the back of the bio book.
They can let us know if it ok to published by checking the box on form or online (if they have a computer) or can call customer service at (800) 655-7971 to indicate their preference to publish.
If you have problems or questions, call Customer Service at Great Reunions at (800) 655-7971

Earlier we talked about a "Memory Book."  This was an incorrect term.  It's called the Bio Book.