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The Height of Fashion in 1960

Diane Edlund, Carold Cotich, Marilyn Schroeder, Jan Spence
The circular skirt, usually made of felt
Ann Nelson
Ann Nelson
No full skirt would be complete without crinolines!
Unknown ladies with crinoline slips. 

At Christmas time, many tiny bells were safety-pinned to our crinolines.  A truly lovely sound!  But the mean old administration limited the bells to something like 10 per lady.   Was this fair?  We didn't think so!   Another  popular fashion was the "straight skirt".   We wore either saddle shows with socks or "flats."  We were not allowed to wear slacks to school except for a couple of special "play days" each year.   There were strange dress-code rules such as no patent leather shoes.  At slumber parties, of course we wore our best baby doll pj's or flannels.
Slumber Party Fashion
slumber party
Lynne Pfeiffer, Susan Grimes, Carolyn Tucker, Carol Strachan, Diane Edlund, Freya Anderson