LAHS 1960


Do you still have your yearbook(s)?  Our class has only three yearbooks -- 1958, 1959, and 1960.  In the fall of 1957 when Los Altos High School began, some sophomores were brought over from Mountain View High School.  They became the Class of 1958.   There were also some freshmen, who graduated in 1959.  Our class was the third graduating class, and the second class to go through all four years at Los Altos High School.  For our freshman year, there were no seniors at the school.  By the time we began our senior year, the enrollment was almost 1500.

Our senior year book, The Excalibur, left out a couple of pages.  Here they are! 

Excalibur missing page 1
and another page...

Excalibur missing page 2