LAHS 1960

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Gayle Greene lectured on Alice Stewart, Hampton Room, Scripps College, 10/10/2011

Diane Salassi, Sharon Egan, John Reikes got together for dinner at Huntsman Senior Games, Summer 2011

August 2011 - Bay Area Lunch
Kris Isaacson, Judie Gollaher, Bertie Gundlach, Special Guest Celebrity, Carol Ralles
Diane Edlund, Julie Jesson, Char Schill

Lunch 8-2011
August 2011 - Bay Area Lunch
 Kris Isaacson, Special Guest Celebrity, Bertie Gundlach, Nancy Dagget, Carol Ralles
Diane Edlund, Julia Jesson, Charlene Schill

Nancy Fuller, Lynne Pfeiffer, Don Seavy, Ed Tarbell, Bud Morris

John Oldemeyer

John came to Portland to visit family.  He suggested any nearby LAHS 1960 grads meet for lunch on July 12, 2011.

Ed suggested we meet at Pal's Shanty, an historic Portland tavern, famous for its seafood.

Pal's Shanty is on Sandy and 47th.