LAHS 1960

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Class of 1960


Pat Barnatone
Linda Barsanti
Lynne Bernstein
Eric Bickford
Jerry Bowden
Carlyn Carey
Janice Carr
Arlene D'Arcy
John Dirks
Diane Edlund
Sue Grimes

Carol Imbert
Margo Lerza
Carol Lowman
Lynne Pfeiffer
Charlene Schill
Carol Schmidt
Don Seavy
Twink Shader
Marylin Schroder
Trudy Smith
Rich Thomas
Carolyn Tucker
Kristi Virgin
Brent Wittges

John Dirks offers wise
Asian advice -- BE OLD

, Trudy Smith, Charlene Schill, Sarah (Twink) Shader, Carol Schmidt, Kristi Virgin, Diane Edlund, Susan Grimes

Lynne Pfeiffer & granddaughter

Diane Edlund Lee & Bob

Carolyn Tucker Hamaker  -- The Quilter

Char Schill
Char Schill & grandsons

Carlyn Carey, Linda Barsanti, Lynne Bernstein, Diane Edlund

Rich Thomas & Janelle

Rich Thomas
Ask Rich -- there must be a story about this photo!

Jerry Bowden & Kay

John Dirks singing with his friend

  & granddaughter

Carolyn Tucker Hamaker & grandson

Brent Wittges & Georgeann
Brent & Georgeann Wittges

 Brent Wittges with daughters & granddaughters

Margot Lerza, Carol Imbert, Marylin Schroder

Eric Bickford & grandson

Carol Imbert, Marylin Schroder, Linda Barsanti, Janice Carr, Lynne Bernstein, Diane Edlund, Pat Barnatone

arlene d'arcy
Arlene D'Arcy Yaley  (click to see more grandchildren)

Carol Lowman
Carol Lowman Wiseman & daughter

Carol Lowman Wiseman in Pacific Northwest fashion

Don Seavy & Barbara, sons, granddaughters

Walt Specht & Pete Robinson