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3-28-2015 News Update
  • Classmates:  We fondly remember Jeannette Wheeler (2014), Susan Wetzel (2014), Patricia Jewell (2014), Cy Perry (2014) and Michal Gerhardt (2015).
  • Picnic 2015?   No plans have been made, so perhaps next year?
  • If you attend a "mini-reunion" or gathering of our classmates, we can post that news and any photos here.

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The Knights and Ladies of the Class of 1960 of Los Altos High School, held their 50 Year Class Reunion on September 24, 25, and 26, 2010.  Over 100 classmates (about one-fourth of the class) attended the reunion.   A good time was had by all.  The festivities included:
  • A tour of Los Altos High School on Friday afternoon, with student guides.
  • Informal gatherings at the Biltmore - evenings and breakfasts
  • Golfing on Saturday morning.  (no photos due to photographer's appendicitis!)
  • The big party on Saturday night.
  • A picnic at Shoup Park on Sunday afternoon. 
Many classmates arrived early in the week and/or stayed some days after the reunion in order to visit with friend and families who live near Los Altos.  Some classmates made longer visits to each other while in the United States for this important event. 

It was agreed by all that we would all stay in better touch with other.  This website will remain online for at least the next decade to facilitate the staying-in-touch plans.  Char Schill is the keeper of the LIST and will update the records of classmates' contact information IF we let her know.  For this purpose you may contact Char Schill, Lynne Pfeiffer, or Diane Edlund Lee.

This is YOUR website, and we encourage YOU to send more photos (both youthful and current), stories of the reunion, or other pertinent information.  Our webweaver, Lynne Pfeiffer, will add these to the website at any time -- just contact Lynne.

  • We thank Diane Lee, Char Schill, Lynne Pfeiffer, John Reikes, and Maureen Denton who worked on the Reunion Committee for 18 months.  We also thank many other classmates who researched addresses and persuaded old friends to come to the reunion events.  We needed all the help we could get, and it was generously given.
  • We thank our teachers Elizabeth Allen and Dude Angius for attending the party and helping us remember all we received from the LAHS staff so long ago.
  • We thank Great Reunions for finding long-lost friends, sending invitations and reminders, and for facilitating the reunion arrangements.   They prepared a Bio Book for each attendee, and a copy of the cover and the pages provided by the Committee are here online.
  • You may still check those old yearbook photos at the Great Alumni website.
  • We thank Hotel Biltmore in Santa Clara for hosting our event and hosting many of us who stayed there.
  • We thank HomeStudio Photo for taking photos at the party -- you may order more photos from their website for some time.
Additional photos and information have been shared since the reunion and are now online.  More will come!  We have found and added the missing lines for the official Fight Song, the Program from our Graduation Ceremony, and some new photos.  A future lengthy project will be to scan and place the 1960 Excalibur yearbook online. 

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Pat Barnatone with Excalibur

Are you in this picture?

Graduation Day

Craig Pfeiffer with Unknown Blonde

Gene Ozawa passes to Robin Ruble

Gary Chiotti broke the SCVAL scoring record

Lynne Pfeiffer
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